A perfect Sunday.

    I struggle at times to be mindful. As much as I try, it is hard not to worry about the future, past troubles can bother me sometimes too. Today was a perfect Sunday because I just felt this sense of ease, an inner happiness and thankfulness for the simple things in life. I … More A perfect Sunday.

Scanxiety and getting back on the horse of life.

I haven’t updated this blog since before the sixth and hopefully last round of chemotherapy. Raphael will be up soon. Probably at the point that I finally manage to nod off. I can’t sleep, my heart is racing and my mouth feels cacky and dry since I brushed flossed and rinsed. My mind wanders occasionally … More Scanxiety and getting back on the horse of life.


Many people have commented on how well I look during chemotherapy. It’s amazing what a bit of makeup and a beautiful head scarf can do. Today I feel as I usually do post chemo, like a bear with sore head, as if I am recovering from a heavy night of drinking. Not that I have … More THE FINAL ROUND?